My journey for natural living also includes essential oils.  I was first introduced to Young Living Essential Oils and their healing  properties by my Doula.  I have now become a distributer with Young Living, a 100% pure therapeutic grade oil company. Young Living prides themselves in the fact that they own their own farms and have a “seed to seal guarantee”, meaning that no one else touches the oils from the time the seed is planted to the time it is cultivated, distilled, and bottled.  We do not out source our oils!  They do not use pesticides on their plants; in place of pesticides they use their own oils.  Due to high quality standards, less than 30% of the oils produced are actually bottled and sold as Young Living Essential Oils.

Young Living oils can be inhaled, directly from the bottle or through a diffuser. They can be used topically on the skin and vitaflex points on the ear and feet. YL oils can even be ingested through food, drink, or in a gel capsule.

***Disclaimer, no other brand on the market should be ingested, please read the label of your oils to see if there is the statement “Do Not Ingest” ***

During the 10 week course of Birth Boot Camp you will hear me talk about the ways essential oils can be utilized during pregnancy, labor and with babies, not to mention as an alternative to cleaning chemicals commonly found in your home.

We like to promote our Premium Starter kit as it is the kit that you receive when you sign up as a wholesale member.  This kit gives you 11 oils (10 in the everyday kit plus one bottle of Stress Away with your member kit), a dewdrop diffuser, samples of Ningxa Red (an antioxidant drink); and the right to purchase any product at 24% discount. This starter kit retails for close to $300.00 but only cost you $160.00  + tax and S&H.

If you would like more information, please feel to email me. If you're ready to order, click here:  Young Living to become a retail customer or member today.